Opportunities to participate in research studies

As a member of this elite panel, you will have periodic opportunities to share your thoughts on a range of topics through simple methods such as:

• Online surveys

• Telephone interviews

• Focus groups

Each research opportunity might vary in length. When you are invited to participate in a specific study, the estimated time commitment will be disclosed to you as well as the payment amount we are offering for that study.

All opportunities are voluntary

Your participation in any research opportunity is always voluntary. You may be offered an opportunity, but it is completely up to you if you choose to participate in it.


Confidentiality is very important to us. If you participate in one of our research studies, your identity (name, place of employment, etc.) will never be revealed in conjunction with that study. When we develop research reports for studies, we summarize the data across all study participants and report the finding in the aggregate.

In addition, we ask all of our panelists to agree to the following confidentiality terms when registering for the Povaddo Panel:

• In exchange for compensation for my time and opinions, I hereby agree to participate in future opinion research studies conducted by Povaddo.

• I understand that what is communicated during these research studies will remain confidential and will be processed with absolute anonymity. My involvement or participation in these research studies will never be disclosed or revealed by Povaddo.

• Further, I hereby agree that all information provided to me as part of these research studies, including the existence of these studies, is confidential.  By accepting the terms of this confidentiality agreement, I hereby agree to treat this information as strictly confidential; this information may not be published, quoted and/or disclosed to anyone in any form whatsoever.


You may have periodic opportunities to participate in specific research studies. We are careful to only request study participation from our panelists on a periodic basis so as not to inundate them with requests. In general, we only anticipate offering a few studies to panelists during the course of a year.


When you participate in a specific research study, you will be paid for your time a rate of approximately USD $2 per minute (or local equivalent). For example:

• We would offer USD $20 (or local equivalent) for a 5-10-minute online survey

• We would offer USD $50 (or local equivalent) for a 20-25-minute online survey

• We would offer USD $120 (or local equivalent) for a 60-minute in-depth interview via telephone

• We would offer USD $240 (or local equivalent) for a two-hour focus group

Method of payment

For each research study opportunity that Povaddo extends to you, the method of payment will be clearly communicated. Typically, we pay our panelists via virtual Visa or Mastercard gift cards, and for some studies, we pay via PayPal.

Timing of payment

At the completion of a research engagement, Povaddo will send you compensation in a reasonable time frame. Our goal is to pay our panelists immediately following their participation in a study. Povaddo will initiate payment to be sent to you electronically within 30 days or fewer of completion of your participation in the research study.

Examples of recent opportunities