GDPR Compliance Policy

  • Povaddo will store Povaddo Panelists’ personal information that panelists choose to provide.
  • Povaddo will use Panelists’ information to potentially offer them research study opportunities in the future and to keep track of activity specifically related to those opportunities.
  • Povaddo will store Panelists’ information for the duration of their participation in the Povaddo Panel.
  • Povaddo may share Panelists’ email addresses with PayPal or other third-party vendors in order to compensate them for their participation in research opportunities.
  • Panelists can email Povaddo at to:
  • request access to their data file;
  • rectify any inaccuracies in their stored personal data;
  • restrict the processing of their personal data in specific circumstances;
  • withdraw their consent from storing my data / withdraw from the Povaddo Panel;
  • have their account and personal data permanently deleted.